Why the X Matters Most in Google’s XYZ Formula

Google’s MO has always been simplicity, and that goes the same for their resume writing advice. 

  • Keep it short (one-page resumes…just like we preach here at The 2%!)
  • Keep it bulleted for ease of reading (hence this list is bulleted)
  • Keep it formulaic (WHAT??)

Formulaic…how is that simple? Easy. Google sorts all content according to algorithms so that the best and most relevant content floats to the top of your search page. They make a complicated thing like searching through thousands of web pages simple by using a formula. So why wouldn’t they apply that same logic to their resume reviewing? A simple formula that helps the best resumes float to the top of the resume pile and get chosen to be part of that 2% that get the coveted Google interview.

The Google XYZ formula for showing experience in your resume is:

I accomplished [X] as measured by [Y], by doing [Z].

This brings the focus to what you have accomplished in each of your roles and your impact vs what you did

This is exactly why we list RESULTS before RESPONSIBILITIES in the Experience section of your Resume Website. 

We want your hiring manager to see your results before they hear what you were responsible for. They need to see the X first. Your Results should be a summary of your top accomplishments in that role. They will be stacked above the Responsibilities in the final resume website. Results Examples:

  • Brought in over $650k in new businesses in Year 1
  • Raised over $3M in charitable donations
  • Doubled email distribution within first 3 months

We also coach you to write your Responsibilities in a measurable way as well (highlight the Y while talking about the Z). This not only shows the summarized Results from above in play, but also gives you a chance to expand on more results that didn’t make the cut in the initial Results summary. Responsibilities Examples:

  • Managed a website with a community of over 400k unique visitors and 1.5M page views monthly by overseeing, planning and publishing the daily content strategy based on user trends.
  • Executed editorial concepts and strategy for branded videos. Published videos in cadences to maintain and grow views to an average of 800k+ views monthly on multiple channels.
  • Managed weekly digital ad email marketing process by creating ads plans, email cadences and monitoring analytics resulting in 25% increase in email open rates.

Threading this data throughout your resume gives it a series of headline-like facts about you that are easy to see in the bulleted format. This allows a quick skim of a resume to result in a detailed read of how YOU would be a great candidate to call in for an interview. It’s your own XYZ formula about ME.

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