The 2% System FAQ

That depends mostly on you! But if you commit to following the full program, it should take no longer than 30 days to start getting responses. Ideally, it will take you no longer than one to seven days to complete your resume website, and two to three days to start getting the hang of using The 2% System to search and apply to jobs the way top-level candidates do. A little practice and you’ll feel confident applying to jobs, easily landing interviews, and feeling very prepared to present your best self!

Your free online resume will be available within your 14-day trial period. We suggest finishing your resume quickly, so you can take advantage of the second half of the eCourse, the job-search modules, while you’re still in your trial period. We are confident that you will love your results! We suggest continuing to maintain your online resume beyond the trial, because your resume website will ultimately become a foundation for your pro-personal brand. A pro-personal brand is a magnet for powerful networking opportunities and continual career advancement.

This is not just an eCourse. This is your online pro-personal brand, which should be a permanent fixture in your professional life.

The 2% System helps you maintain a reputation of confidence and security in your profession. If the economy declines or if you’re not enjoying your current work culture or role, The 2% System allows you to easily pivot into something new.

Yes. But only one page and we will show you exactly what that page should look like. Most resumes are unfortunately ignored or very little time is spent on them, so we encourage our members to spend only a little bit of time on their one-page resume and instead focus on a system that will get you noticed among the pile of other resumes.

The key to success: get them to your resume website. Once the hiring manager sees you resume website, as Taylor would say: “They will either feel like they know you or like they want to know you.”

Yes. But we do not guarantee it. That is up to you.

We provide you with all the tools you need to land interviews in a corporate environment and provide coaching for how to best represent yourself (your professional brand) in the workplace and in interviews once you do land them.

Ultimately if you’re not qualified for a position, your chances of landing that position will be less, but this system increases those chances anyway. The 2% System helps you discover if you’re qualified and what jobs you should be applying to.

You can, but we don’t encourage it.

The economy changes, you get a new manager, or your dream job just got posted. The 2% System is your secret weapon for making a quick and easy career change. (Anyway, who wants to rebuild their resume website over and over?)

Not only is The 2% System important to your sense of confidence and security in the workplace to own your own professional brand and assets, but this program will help you refine your professional brand continually, so you can get noticed quickly by leadership and others within your industry network, and you will continue to advance your career.

If you cancel your membership at any time, we will keep your data stored for 90 days. You will not have access to it until you are able to restore your account, but you are able to rejoin any time during that 90 days without having to rebuild your online resume and without risk of losing your domain name.

Currently we have two themes available and they are both mobile responsive, but we are constantly developing templates and more themes will be available soon!

Corporate environments are best. Anything including financial, legal, marketing, sales, education, retail, nonprofits, etc. Many industries demand professionals on their team who have a real sense of who they are and can present a highly polished presentation to them and their teams.

Only 2% of job applicants land an interview for any given job for which they are applying.*

But even more shocking is that 2% can mean as little as five interview positions are available, because the average number of applicants per corporate position is +250 applicants. This system was founded and tested on job positions with an applicant pool ranging from 500-1200 applicants, and we still landed in the top 2%! Thus, The 2% System was born.

*Glassdoor Research, December 2019, US

The “pro” stands for professional.

Pro-personal branding and personal branding are similar, but different in a very significant way.

Personal branding involves building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them by developing influence in those areas using mostly marketing savvy & social media. Pro-personal branding involves defining yourself professionally by building a reputation within the unique needs of your chosen field and the network within that field, mostly by strategically accentuating both your character & credibility. It’s less about becoming an influencer of the masses… instead it’s about becoming an influence on your professional network.

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