Personal branding with a purpose.

The 2% System was designed for students and professionals to easily create a personally branded website to market themselves for better career opportunities. 

Created by marketing and branding experts, The 2% System is part branding eCourse, part website builder, and part career coach to help you land a job interview.

What's the deal with 2%?

Let’s say 250 people apply for any given job. Approximately five of those applicants, that is 2%, will be contacted for an interview.

The 2% System is a series of educational videos and resume and personal branding website builder developed by digital marketing experts that helps you uncover your pro(fessional)-personal brand. We combined the system with job seeking tips and techniques, to give you a higher chance in becoming the elite 2% of applicants.

The original “system” didn’t even start out as a system. It was a checklist that our founder, Taylor, used when applying for jobs. After her marketing colleagues saw it in action, they knew it could be transformed into a career-building system to help applicants stand out during the job-seeking process.

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Taylor Hazlehurst, Founder & CEO
Marshall Evans, CTO

We give back (and you can, too!)

The 2% System team is working to provide headshots, resume websites, and tools for career advancement and pro-personal brand empowerment to people in need and to communities across the nation by working hand-in-hand with nonprofits like Generation W.

Generation W supports the growth of young girls through clubs and mentorship across the U.S.


If your organization or company is interested in sponsoring resumes for people that have recently lost their jobs due to COVID-19, please reach out!

Try our resume website builder and job-search toolkit FREE for 14 days.

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