3 Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make on Your Resume

You’ve dressed the part, nice suit, elevator speech ready, notes in hand. You walk out your front door and step directly into a deep mud puddle that splatters everywhere. That. That is EXACTLY what it is like when you make one little mistake on your resume. When you have such a short time to make an impression any little mistake can ruin your chance at the interview.

Here are the top 3 mistakes to avoid when drafting your resume.

1. Use statements not objectives

A common pitfall in resume writing is to write an objective to show that you are perfect for the job at hand. Seriously. Everyone knows your objective is to get the job and it is obvious that you feel you are perfect for the position you are applying for. This is wasted space for both you and the employer. Instead use power statements that not only showcase your accomplishments (that prove you are right for the job) but also your unique professional qualities.

[screenshot of example power statements from one of our one page resume samples]

2. Correct the spell check

We all rely on spell check and its safety in knowing that the red squiggly line will keep us on the straight and narrow. However, there are a ton of words that are actually spelled correctly but rise like a blemish on your resume. Your resume needs to be error-free. Common ones to avoid:

  • their vs. they’re
  • lead vs. led
  • its vs it’s
  • all together vs altogether
  • bunnies vs. business (thanks but no thanks autocorrect)
  • …and the worst nightmare… when you forget the “l’ in Public or a “s” in Assess. Yes, I’m talking to you Mr. PR Analyst, you may need to lay low for a while.
3. Keep it short and to the point

Yes we have all heard the “one-page resume” rule. But how do you cram decades of experience on one page? Simple. Stick to the top facts and accomplishments on your one-pager and then digitize the rest.
—> Your one page resume is JUST CLICK BAIT.

Yes, click bait. The goal of your paper resume is a simple skim that confirms you have what it takes to tackle the job and warrant the time necessary for a full review that is EASILY found on your resume website (which is mentioned throughout the one-pager).

Want more tips? Download our RESUME CHEAT SHEET to see all 9 TIPS on building the perfect one-page resume.

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